19 Energy Conservation Tips that’s easy to get started right away

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency are interchangeable words, Right?? but it is not. People often confuse between Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation. Energy Efficiency uses new technology to produce the same result, but the end goal is to use less energy to produce the same result. Energy conservation is a learned behavior that results in … Read more

3 Different Types of Solar Panel – Monocrystalline vs. Polycrystalline Or Thin Film

Solar Cell Types

Over the last two decades, the growth of solar (PV) panels has been astounding. As per NREL[1], from the different types of solar panels, the Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) solar panels, both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline Solar panels accounted for more than 96% of production in 2017; The growth is primarily driven by the countries trying to … Read more

Community Solar: What is it and why it is the best way for Solar power to reach the masses

Community Solar

Community Solar, also known as shared solar, is a solar energy generating system/plant shared or owned by a community. The Community Solar concept is several solar panels owned by multiple community members or neighborhood members in a shared space within a localized region. The one caveat to this is that members of the community solar … Read more

Net Metering – What it is and its status in 50 states in the US

The fundamental purpose of installing a solar energy system for a home is to generate electricity via solar panels , combat greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuels and help the environment and, ultimately, our planet.  But there are times when the solar energy system generates excess electricity and wonder’s what … Read more

How Do Solar Cells Work In The Big Picture of Solar Energy

how do solar cells work

Solar cells (PV) are electrical devices that can convert light into electricity. These cells are made of semiconductors like silicon, germanium, or gallium arsenide. They have electrical conductivity properties that fall between a conductor (metal) and an insulator (glass). Semiconductor properties are altered by introducing impurities Into the crystalline structure. As a result, a semiconductor … Read more

Has solar panel efficiency increased overtime in the last 20 years?

Solar Panel Efficiency

In today’s market, the solar panel efficiency is between 16-23% efficient. This is based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Champion Photovoltaic Module Efficiency Chart [1] That’s way up before solar panels become a mainstay for American Industry. Back in the 1950s, Hoffman Electronics introduced the first photovoltaic cell (PV Cell), which had only … Read more