6 Residential Roof Types for Solar that will get you started on Solar right way

All About Solar Roofs

The last decade was a revolution for both homeowners and commercial space owners to leverage the potential of solar panels.People are inching towards adopting clean energy and producing electricity with solar panels to ensure the revival of the environment. Ultimately, the electricity bill is reduced, and more money is saved over time.Keeping that in mind, … Read more

Virtual Net Metering – How does it work, and Is it for you?

Virtual Net Metering

Since the beginning of electrification, consumers have received electricity through a power grid that serviced a large region, like a city or a valley with multiple communities. This grid has always been powered by large centralized power plants that run off coal, natural gas, and hydroelectric dams. However, over the past 50 years, renewable energy … Read more

8 Energy Efficient Appliances that will increase the value of your home

Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency has become the main concern for households all across the country. In recent decades, we’ve become more aware of the need to conserve energy and produce appliances and other products that help save the environment while also helping to save money for the average household. Becoming more energy-efficient starts with Energy Efficient Appliances, … Read more

6 types of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy

All you need to know about renewable energy and how to make an impact with it Renewable energy is flourishing, and with time and technological advancement, its cost is going down because the world is moving towards a future with clean energy. Today approximately 18% of the energy consumed comes from renewable energy resources. It … Read more