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Want To Learn More About The Inner Workings of How does a Solar Generator Work ?

Solar Power Generator

A solar generator works with solar panels and aids to provide power backup during power shutdown and outages. This article provides a detailed understanding of how does a solar generator work when there is an power shutdown during regular power outages and other severe weather related events. Hence it is said to provide essential automatic … Read more

Solar Energy Stocks – Is it worth it?

Solar Energy Stocks

Solar energy stocks are one of the most sought-after renewable energy sectors for investors. Using this green energy is beneficial for lowering a company’s carbon footprint and essential for benefiting the economy and environment. Solar energy can generate more energy and produce sustainably fewer emissions than its other power source counterparts.  The constant stress on … Read more

Solar Tube Light – A Complete But Definitive Guide to Install Solar Tube Lights

The rapid adoption of solar energy has led to residential and commercial organizations installing solar appliances. As a result, solar tube lights have emerged as one of the most renowned and sought-after item on the market. If you are looking for a solar lighting fixture that is attractive and utilizes solar power, then you should … Read more

Off-Grid Solar – A Step by Step Guide to Go Completely Off the Grid

Off Grid Solar

An off-grid solar system provides direct electricity to the electrical devices you want to use. These systems use batteries to store the solar energy generated throughout the day, rather than connecting to the utility grid. An off-grid solar system is a popular choice among homeowners in remote areas. Once you get an off-grid solar system, … Read more

Installing Solar Panels by Yourself or Solar Installer – Pros and Cons

Installer or Self Installation

A solar energy system[1] allows homeowners to produce electricity while reducing their dependence on fossil fuel generating technologies and have significant savings / reductions on their utility bills.  Now, this brings us to the critical question: whether you can do the solar installation of the solar energy system on your own or not, and this is … Read more

7 Different Brands of MPPT Charge Controllers and Learn All About Them


Solar Systems are becoming popular day by day. With the ever-increasing electricity bills and regular power outages, people are now switching to solar. One of the critical parts of a solar energy system is a Solar Inverter and within that is a solar charge controller, and they are commonly found in today’s solar power systems. … Read more

Learn how Solar Panels can Impact the Environment in a Negative Manner

Environmental Impact of Solar

Solar panels have unquestionably cleaner power energy production potential; despite this, many communities and decision-makers are unaware of how Solar Panels impact the environment [1] and the environmental costs of implementing full-scale solar energy generation. Leading solar manufacturers have kept the environmental impact of solar panels and their production techniques hidden from the general public. … Read more

What’s Your Average Electricity Price and Find Ways to Save on them.

Avg. Electricity Price

According to the EIA[1], the national average electricity price in the United States increased from 12.87 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 13.01 cents/kWh. Electricity prices are determined by various factors, including your location, usage, time of year, and market changes or disruptions. The cost of electricity price varies by state. Years of data have been … Read more

California Solar Rebates – The 5 different rebates you may or may not know

California Solar Rebates

You must be aware by now that solar is becoming economical and more productive year after year, but it characterizes less than 2% of the power produced in the United States. It is because solar is reliable(the sun) and more endurable than fossil fuels. The government has provided many solar incentives for motivating people to adopt … Read more

6 Residential Roof Types for Solar that will get you started on Solar right way

All About Solar Roofs

The last decade was a revolution for both homeowners and commercial space owners to leverage the potential of solar panels.People are inching towards adopting clean energy and producing electricity with solar panels to ensure the revival of the environment. Ultimately, the electricity bill is reduced, and more money is saved over time.Keeping that in mind, … Read more