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8 easy ways to achieve Solar Panels for Apartments

Utilizing solar energy is one of the best options these days. In Australia[1], nearly 2 million people have installed solar rooftop installations. Homeowners will quickly establish their solar panel system on their roofs and also have great returns by producing this extra energy. But, setting up solar panels for apartments is quite tricky for renters.

To make Solar Panels for apartments, many technologies and recent advancements have helped many companies to provide solar power opportunities to apartment residents. As the number of apartment residents increases daily, this increase will be greater in the future. With recent advancements, energy generation is possible even for individual flats.

Possible Ways to Get Solar Panels for Apartments

Installing solar panels for apartments is not as easy as it can be for individual houses. How many ways can apartments use solar energy for their household purposes? 

You can install the solar panels yourself, as many solar companies sell the solar panels for apartments. Every individual is trying to use the available renewable energy resources to achieve growth in their business. 

Even though apartments don’t have a suitable rooftop for solar panel installation, there are few ways to get solar power.

  1. Be a member of the solar community project or Community Solar.
  2. Grouphug’s Window Solar Charger
  3. Solar Gaps
  4. Solarade
  5. Get plug-in solar panels.
  6. Installing Solar Panels for Apartments
  7. By preparing your own portable solar panel system
  8. Purchase green energy via Renewable Energy Certificates

#1 Be A Member Of The Solar Community Project / Community Solar

Community Solar Projects (CSPs) are nothing but solar farms on a large scale built with multiple homes in a community. It will be regarded as the most suitable choice for those unable to put solar panels on their rooftops. After signing up and enrolling as a member of the solar community project, you will need to pay the electricity bill as a normal utility bill.

Right now, many communities don’t have access to these solar projects because of policy issues, land availability, and many other reasons. . There is no need to be surprised if you didn’t find any solar community projects in your vicinity.

Community Solar Project Pros and Cons

Reduces carbon footprint.
Only limited community solar projects are available at the moment.
Reduces the power bill.
Separate installation of solar panels on your rooftop is not required.
Assists with the development of new renewable energy sources in your town.

To search for the solar community project, search for EnergySage. Go to the community solar section and check if there are “local projects.” Check the available projects after entering your postal code and monthly power bill. After entering the required details, click “Search Projects.” If you cannot locate the projects in your area, Google for “community solar near me.”

Review the available results and apply them in the format of your desired project. The project provider will reach you after reviewing your application. After enrolling in the project, you will be required to pay solar energy bills in monthly power bills. Your power bill will be low.

#2 Grouphug’s Window Solar Charger

Grouphug, a New York City-based firm, produces a bamboo-framed window solar charger that you can easily install in your window with the accompanying magnetic hook. The small solar panels collect and store the sun’s energy. 

You can plug any USB charger into it to use the absorbed energy for your phone, smartwatch, AirPods, or Bluetooth speakers. You will get a tiny adapter on the market to recharge it.

#3 Install SolarGaps

SolarGaps manufactures smart solar blinds with solar panels mounted on the exterior of your windows. The panels absorb solar energy and convert it to electricity, thereby reducing energy use, blocking heat from entering the building through the windows, keeping the building cold, and reducing air conditioning demand. 

SolarGaps says these smart blinds can help you save up to 30% on your electricity bills. These can be fitted easily into your flat or your office.

#4 Solarade

Solar Paper By Yolk Is A Paper-Thin, Lightweight, Portable Solar Power Charger That Fits Inside A Notebook. Simply Lay It Flat In The Sun (Or Hang It In Your Window) And Put Your Phone Into The USB Port To Charge A Dead Phone In 2.5 Hours—But It Can Charge Even Quicker If You Buy And Install Extra Solar Paper Panels.

The yolk also offers the world’s tiniest solar charger, the Solarade, which can quickly charge your electronics as a wall charger. 

#5 Get Plug-In Solar Panels

Plug-in solar panels, often called plug-and-play solar panels, are exactly as they sound. You can put them into any ordinary wall outlet, and the energy they generate flows into your flat, instantaneously solar powering some of your energy consumption. 

Plug-and-play solar kits are an excellent choice for renters. They can be installed on any section of your residence that receives a lot of sunlight, such as the roof, a railing, or a balcony. They can also be reasonably priced.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to conduct some research to determine the correct size kit for you and whether or not your city has any restrictions.

Pros Cons
It is easy to install without any professional help.
Before placing the solar panels for apartments, you need to get permission from the HOA or your landlord.
For a solar panel to work, it should be kept in direct sunlight.
If the energy produced from the panel exceeds your consumption, you must sign an interconnection agreement with your utility company.
These are easily portable, hence called portable solar systems.
Reduces carbon footprint.

How to Get Permission From the Landlord?

To place plug-in solar panels for apartments or condos, you need to get permission from the HOA or landlord. Research the product you want to buy and later contact your utility provider. Get the electricity department’s policy details on the plug-in and solar power systems. 

If they permit it, inform them of your intention to install one. Knowing the size and specifications of your selected system will come in handy here. If your utility asks for electrical diagrams, some plug-in solar companies say they will offer them. It will be installed within an hour. 

#6 Get Solar Panels For Apartments

The simplest way is to request your landlord install solar panels for apartments. You’ll need to crunch the statistics and demonstrate your landlord’s cost savings and environmental benefits. It is better to reach out to local companies to get some quotes to understand better. 

Solar energy replaces the majority of your home’s energy use.You must persuade your landlord.
Your monthly electricity bills will be reduced.
In some areas, you may be able to receive credit for returning excess energy to the grid.
Your carbon footprint is reduced.

How to Convince the Landlord?

Visit EnergySage Solar Calculator, and enter your details like monthly power bill, home address, and property type. Calculate your results using the calculate option to know the earnings minimized with solar energy usage. 

Later, find out about the solar quotes from the local installers with the help of online calculators. Solar installers will provide you with the most up-to-date cost and savings estimates.

As they aren’t spending their own money, the standard pitch of lowering your monthly power cost won’t work. Rather, you may discuss how solar panels increase the value of a property by 4% on average and the environmental benefits of solar energy.

#7 Design Your Own Portable Solar Panel System

You’ll need to acquire all the equipment and connect it yourself because you’re effectively establishing a small off-grid power system. It necessitates an understanding of solar electrical systems and is the most expensive option in terms of cost per watt.

It’s portable, so you can carry it anywhere you go.
Expensive per watt
Adaptable to your energy requirements.The setup is very tricky and takes time.
Pros and Cons of your own Portable systems

Construction of Portable Solar Panels

This portable solar panel charges small devices like phones, laptops, tablets, charging fans, and lights. Let us detail how to construct a small DIY solar panel of 100W.

Required Tools

  1. solar panel, 100W.
  2. battery, either made of lithium or lead-acid
  3. The Solar Charge Controller
  4. Adapter of 12V
  5. The adapter cables and tray cables
  6. Screwdriver

The battery should be connected to the charge controller and the inverter. One end of the charge controller should be connected to the solar panel. Place the solar panel in direct sunlight. You can charge your digital products by connecting them to the inverter. During the day, it will absorb and store solar energy in a battery. You can charge your devices with the help of an inverter.

#8 Purchase Green Energy Via Renewable Energy Certificates

Solar Renewable energy certificates (SRECs) track renewable energy as it travels through the US electricity grid. The renewable energy produced by solar or wind farm is justified with RECs. The RECs can subsequently be sold as evidence of ownership of the energy by the provider. This helps the Owners who own the Solar Panels for Apartments.

If you purchase RECs equal to your energy usage, you will have theoretically powered your home completely with green energy. RECs, on the other hand, isn’t ideal. They don’t always result in more clean energy on the grid. They merely serve as a means for clean energy initiatives to supplement their income.

Here’s my opinion on renewable energy certificates: I don’t anticipate my purchase of them determining the destiny of any clean energy project. However, I believe they have a minor but good impact on the renewable energy market.

RECs are relatively inexpensive in most parts of the country. If purchasing solar energy through REC is the only option, use them.

Easily available in the marketMost likely, no new sustainable energy will be added to the system.
Installing solar panels on the rooftop is not required.
Getting solar energy through REC is very economical.

How to Get Energy From REC?

Visit Arcadia on Google, enter the ZIP code and electric utility details and click “Continue.” Check for the best option and proceed with the payment to get green energy through REC.


How To Choose A Solar Installer?

You should check a few criteria before opting for the solar installer. 

  • Check for certified and value license
  • Check for the relevant experience in the field
  • Check for the valid references
  • Have direct contact with the person 

If the installer meets the mentioned criteria, you can choose him. EnergySage installers are well known to be pre-screened installers, as they meet the above-defined standards. Before signing the agreement, check every point in detail about your comfort in working with the installer. 

What Are The Steps In The Solar Power Installation Process?

Firstly, investigate getting multiple installation quotes. To get the detailed quotes, complete your registration on EnergySage. Examine critical information such as equipment possibilities, reviews, and financial options. 

Once you are satisfied with the information provided by the installer, ask him to visit your property for a complete assessment. It will be a win-win situation if both of you are happy with the quotation and file the relevant papers for the administration’s approval. Once it’s done, the installation will be completed in a day or two.

Will Solar Panels Produce Energy On A Cloudy Day?

Generally, solar panels work in the daytime by absorbing the sun’s energy and converting the produced solar energy into direct current. The direct current will be converted into an alternating current using an inverter. 

You can use the generated electricity for your household utilities or revert to the electric grid. But the generated power will be less as it depends on the intensity of sunlight. It will not produce any energy at all on a cloudy day. 

Even at night, it will not produce energy. Using solar energy resources is smart as they are economically friendly and provide environmental and health benefits by minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Is It Better To Buy Or Lease My Solar Panel System?

Firstly, check out the available financial options: buying a solar panel, leasing a solar panel, and taking out a loan through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). You can get estimates from EnergySage’s tool. It will help you get multiple quotes to assess it better.

Choosing or buying solar panels entirely depends on your reason for using solar energy. Purchasing a solar panel is preferable to maximize your financial earnings through solar energy. But if the solar panel minimizes your electricity bills and for your household purposes, it would be better to choose the lease option. 

Wrapping Up

This article discussed how solar panels for apartments and their residents could use solar energy resources without installing solar panels.

The three best options are community solar panels, plug-in solar panels, and rooftop solar panels. As per the requirements, you can buy or lease solar panels. If the mentioned options don’t work for your apartment, you can build your DIY solar system or get green energy via Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). 

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