Solar Production Guarantee – Is There Any Truth to it?

It has been observed that these days solar power is trending and quite popular amongst all the energy-generating technologies that are available to the masses. The long-term benefits of solar systems are kept in mind. And hence install them because it provides more extended service without any significant errors. This is why solar panel makers have given Solar Production Guarantees for over 20 years.

As you head to the market to get yourself a solar system, you’ll come across different trusted brands [1]and panel installers who provide you guarantee to protect you from any form of glitches that might arise due to faulty setup. Usually, these guarantees last for 5 to 10 years, but it must also be known that they are ubiquitous among brands. But it is a matter of concern that breakages are exceptionally common in the trade. 

Many solar installers provide solar production guarantees. But, if you delve deeper, you might wonder what this means and if this extravaganza is truly necessary. Keep reading this article, for we will provide detailed answers to all the queries that might pop up in your head right now. 

What Are Production Guarantees In Solar?

Solar-power companies are booming these days, according to reports. Aside from that, it is claimed that no matter where you are, there is no scarcity of solar installers eager to do business with you. It would be best if you recognized that the market is quite competitive.

As it is already known to you that solar systems are trustable, and they require almost no maintenance. But what would you do if the system breaks down and doesn’t produce power? You’ll probably not notice a thing! 

At once, all the power that is needed will be drawn from the grid. However, there will be visible changes, and you will notice that it has stopped working once you get the next electricity bill because it will be much higher than expected. 

A solar production guarantee is a form of guarantee that states the amount of energy that was supposed to be produced by your system will be provided accordingly. But the question arises, what if the system doesn’t produce the energy it was supposed to produce? Compensation will be provided for the energy that was lost. The exact amount of compensation that you should receive will be mentioned in the contract. 

There are a few points that need to be emphasized:

  • A guarantee that the system will always meet a particular percentage of the guaranteed power supply
  • A necessary cash payment if there’s any performance that comes under the guarantee
  • Necessary system maintenance is essential to solving the concern.

Why Do You Want A Solar Power Production Guarantee ?

Suppose you have installed a solar panel for your business or home; you can be sure that the panels will provide its device for almost a decade. But, in situations where the panel is not working correctly or you are having some issues with the solar panels, you need to know that the rest of the unit will work fine despite the faulty solar panel.

But, the scenario is sometimes different. At times the faulty panel disturbs the functioning of the adjacent panels. But in both scenarios, the solar panel guarantee that comes with the solar panel covers you from any undue expenditure and helps you replace a defective one with a new one.

If you delve deeper into the guarantee that comes with the panel, you’ll be assured that the service provided will continue; additionally, the system you are using will be supported in case you are concerned with the panel issue.

Hence, it can be said that the production guarantee is a vital add-on for everyone worried about solar installation.

A solar production guarantee is essential to every individual who so ever is seriously considering going for solar panels. 

How Does a Production Guarantee Work?

Generally, a solar production guarantee provides you the confidence that the solar system you have invested in will provide service as expected. It’s the work of solar engineers to calculate the amount of energy that must be produced by your solar system every year that too depending on the geographical location you are in right now, weather trends, the exact kind of solar system that you have invested in, the size of your home and many other relevant factors.

The calculation is then guaranteed, implying that if the solar system doesn’t meet its yearly production goal, you’ll be reimbursed for the difference between the yearly production and the guaranteed production.

Solar Power Production Guarantees Are A Good Indicator Of Solar System Quality

Usually, the quantity of power that a solar panel produces decreases by a small extent every year. But if you go for premium-quality solar panels, the panel’s performance will not decline that fast. The premium standard for solar power production generally comes with a guarantee of 25 years. 

To examine its performance, you have to see if the solar system comes with a 25-year performance guarantee; if it does, you can rely on it because it’s a good indication that the solar system will be created with high-quality machinery.

Do All Solar Companies Offer A Solar Power 

Production Guarantee?

No, every company doesn’t need to provide a solar power production guarantee. Some brands will provide you with only a solar system warranty. The warranty will cover you for the defects if any, but it will not cover the lost production. Hence, if you follow our suggestions, we can say that you should evaluate and compare the guarantees solar power companies provide. 

Should You Offer Solar Power Production Guarantees?

Especially for installers, production guarantees can provide support in promoting sales through multiple options. In the first place, the homemakers are satisfied, and at the same time, peace of mind is promoted to them, even in situations where the system doesn’t provide services as promised by the installer. The botheration of hooking to higher energy is gone. 

Some brands use the production guarantees as the source of difference and competition from their competitors. Suppose the competitors are providing the exact offers. Then the brands must improve their guarantees. This might also give the existing brands a leg up. 


As we head to the article’s conclusion, we can all state that solar power production guarantees are certainly one of the best ways to help close and maintain new client connections. They easily interpret to the customer that you stand for the quality of the product and the services offered and are certainly fabricated for long-term efficient use.

The key is that the guarantee must be genuine; if not, the brand will lose its clients and reputation. That might create hurting potential referral business.


What is a production guarantee?

Solar production guarantee is the guaranteed production of power generated by the solar system during a particular time frame.

What is the standard warranty for solar panels?

A solar panel comes with a 25 to 30-year of performance guarantee. But it must also be noted that the production capability usually degenerates over time.

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